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medical grade facials

Medical Grade Facials

in Huntington Beach

Medical grade facials are advanced skincare treatments performed by licensed medical esthetician professionals using professional-grade products and techniques to address specific skin concerns.

These facials are tailored to each patient’s unique skincare needs and incorporate specialized ingredients backed by evidence based medicine.

Diminished Dark Circles
Professional Expertise and Supervision
Personal Choice and Empowerment
Customized Treatment
Boosted Immune Function
Clinical-Grade Products
Enhanced Sensuality
Targeted Treatment of Skin Concerns
Medical Grade Facials candidacy

Am I a good Candidate for Medical Grade Facials?

Ideal candidates for medical grade facials are individuals seeking advanced skincare solutions to address specific concerns or conditions. They are open to working with a medical esthetician to get their dream skin with a combination of medical grade skincare products and facials.

Candidates may have concerns related to acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, sensitivity, or other skin issues.

Benefits of Medical Grade Facials

Medical grade facials allow for a particularly well customized treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique skincare needs and goals.

Medical grade facials utilize professional-grade products and techniques for enhanced efficacy and results.

Medical grade facials address specific skin concerns while promoting overall skin health and vitality to help patients achieve their dream skin.

Medical Grade Facials | Haven MD

on the day of Medical Grade Facials procedure

The procedure typically takes 60-90 minutes to complete, depending on the specific treatment plan and techniques used. Shorter facials, depending on the treatment regimen you and your provider choose, can take up to 30 minutes. Many of our busy patients choose a shorter facial option so that they can be treated during their lunch hour.

Patients may be advised to avoid sun exposure and certain skincare products before and after the procedure.

what to expect from Medical Grade Facials

Patients may experience mild redness or sensitivity immediately after the procedure, which usually subsides within a few hours.

Results are noticeable immediately and can last up to 1-2 weeks, with regular treatments recommended for optimal maintenance.


Starting at $150

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Prices for medical grade facials start at $150-299, with final costs determined during a personalized consultation.

Ask about our promotions, memberships and packages for premium pricing!


Would definitely recommend 10/10!
HavenMD is amazing!!! Cute, fun, space that you immediately feel relaxed in. I got a facial done by Dr. Mathias and felt absolutely glowing after. She was so gentle and explained everything she was doing step by step. My face has never felt so clean and refreshed
Jessica Paz
Think: nonsurgical face lift for a fraction of the cost!
I was a bit nervous as this was my first consultation, but Dr. Mathias immediately put me at ease. She suggested the pixelated CO2 laser and she did warn me of some downtime after the procedure, but it was 100% worth it. Think: nonsurgical face lift for a fraction of the cost!
Angela Kim
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Results are noticeable immediately after the procedure, with continued improvement over time with regular treatments.
Discomfort during the procedure is minimal, and most patients find our medical grade facials at HavenMD relaxing and beneficial for their skin.
We recommend monthly treatments to maintain optimal skin health and address specific skincare concerns effectively.
Yes! At HavenMD, our medical grade facials are tailored to each patient's unique skin type and concerns, with customized treatment plans and products utilized for every single customer.
While rare, potential side effects may include mild redness or sensitivity, which typically resolves within a few hours.


cannot be combined with any other specials or promotions. Both parties must undergo 44 or more units of treatment on the same day in order for the referring patient to receive $100 off of their botox.